Don’t Take It Personal

Sometimes people just lie, some people are just rude, some people will hurt you (unintentionally & intentionally), and do a plethora of other things. But that’s a them problem and not a you problem. You can’t control how people behave and you definitely can’t control how they will behave in regards to you. Some people may be a work in progress, just like me, and just like some of you. I am not justifying behavior, but just exploring possible causes for people and how these actions can cause people to take things personally. The only certain thing you can control is how you react and whether or not you take what they do to heart, whether you take it personally.

Team You: Never give up on yourself

Sometimes, it seems as if the whole world is against us. As if we have no one on our side looking out for us. So why add fuel to that fire? Why be against yourself? People will quit on you, they will lose belief in you and what you’re capable of.  But just because they do does not mean that you have to or should. No matter what you’re going through, how hard it may seem, never quit on yourself.

Who I Am, Who You Are

I challenge you all to stop focusing on how people see you, but how you see yourself! The only person who has to love you is YOU. It may not be easy and it’s definitely a process, but begin loving who you are today. All the little details of your life are included in the story of you. They have aided you in becoming the person you are today. My journey with bullying, confidence, and self-esteem have shaped me into the woman who I am continuously growing into today. Those past pains aren’t who I am, but they have been associated with my development & growth. Self-love is definitely the best love. Never change & always remember who you are, as I continue to remember, who I am.

College: Senior Year

Today’s blog doesn’t have a specific topic geared towards self-love. But I want you all to remember to love yourselves, no matter what. Even if you aren’t feeling your best, even if you are questioning yourself, or even if you are content, you always deserve to be loved. And I hope that these Self-Love Sundays have been a reminder of that and continue to be. No, they aren’t over! But, this topic has a Self-Love topic infused within the content as well.

College Tips

Are you a college freshmen? Or just in search for some insight on maneuvering through college? As a college senior, I have compiled some helpful tips for college students.

Overcoming Insecurities

Insecurities can make you feel less than, worth less and like you have no purpose. Insecurities can also make you feel like you have to be someone else because others may appear happier than you. But you never know what others are going through & everything isn’t always as it seems. Just because someone may seem happy doesn’t mean that they truly are. I believe everyone has insecurities, even if they won’t admit to them, they are still there. And I am learning that it is so important to acknowledge your insecurities so you won’t let them have victory over you. Today, I am choosing victory over my insecurities, I am choosing to overcome them.